Auckland, New Zealand

Bio: Robin Kelly (www.drrobinkelly.com) is a medical doctor, medical acupuncturist, researcher, multi-award-winning author, TEDx presenter and musician from New Zealand. He is a past president and current co-president of the Medical Acupuncture Society (NZ.) His latest book The Human Hologram – Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field, explores the science and practice of living as holographic beings within a holographic universe. It was awarded ‘Science Book of the Year’ at the 2011 US National Best Books Awards. His previous book The Human Antenna - Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells, explored the evidence that our bodies are perfectly 'designed' to receive and transmit information instantly from our universe. It was awarded ‘Science Book of the Year’ at the 2008 US National Best Books Awards. Robin's practice embraces both Western and Eastern philosophies of health, and treats patients' symptoms as vital intuitive messages. He encourages people to use their own special creative gifts in their healing. He is also a singer-songwriter with four CDs of original songs, and is a member of the Tennessee Concerts Wall of Fame. He is currently performing a one-person musical show Shamanarama celebrating the deep healing process.

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